How to get the data ?

Data are available upon request.
Please contact :

Fair-use data policy

Please consider our fair-use data policy:

  1. Inform us, early in the research, about the expected use of the data.
  2. If the research is going to be published, consider offering co-authorship to relevant PI of the project when appropriate.
  3. If the research is going to be published, please cite the overview paper (Paris et al., B. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 91 (5), 625-641, 2010) and acknowledge the data source, e.g. “data obtained from the LIA YAK-AEROSIB with support from CNRS, CEA and ANR in France and RFBR and RAS in Russia”.
  4. Do not distribute the data to other groups. We will be happy to provide them with the data without delay.