Airborne Extensive Regional Observations in SIBeria

The YAK-AEROSIB (Airborne Extensive Regional Observations in SIBeria) project aims to establish systematic airborne observations of the atmospheric composition over Siberia.

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Environmental changes in Siberia: French-Russian workshop, 21-23 octobre, Paris

See more information at: https://envchangesib.sciencesconf.org/   High latitudes of the northern hemisphere and particularly Siberia play a key role in the Earth system across multiple couplings between climate, biogeochemical cycles, environment, glacial processes and hydrology. Siberia is a particular hot spot of these interactions. Furthermore, human activities also exert a strong impact with the exploration […]

6 December 2018

Prof. Igor Razenkov has given a seminar on “Backscatter enhancement lidar” at the occasion of a visit of scientists from IAO Tomsk to LATMOS in Jussieu, Paris.